We are colleagues in a highly specialized medical facility, with patients from Germany and abroad, with a focus on the fields of medicine and amputation of multimodal pain management.


Our patients


Our aim is the optimum treatment and satisfaction of the highly-demanding patients who come to us.

We place people at the focus. To achieve this we perform our work according to the bio-psycho-social model.


Our employees


We are aware that highly-motivated and quality-conscious employees are an important aspect of our clinic. We want to gain patients through the quality of our work and maintain long-term retention. This is ensured by, among others, a constant internal and external training and continuing education.

The leadership style inherent in our clinic is both cooperative and communicative, and based on mutual respect. We foster a sense of partnership, which is characterized by team spirit and openness.


Our cooperation partners


We place great value on close contact and constant exchange of information with our referring clinics and physicians.


Economy / ecology


We stand for the responsible use of limited resources.

We make careful and judicious use of our available environmental resources.


Osterhofen, 04.06.2014

Dr. Josef Oswald